Food & Drinks

The Wine and Taste street go throw Fratta Terme and mix ancient and modern flavours to be tasted. Piadina romagnola, Tagliatelle and Cappelletti are the main dishes in this area and the most drunk wines are Sangiovese, Cagnina and Albana, a "golden nectar" typical of the valley and considered one of the best white wine in Italy.

Once we have told you about the Albana we have to tell you a legend about the name of the city of Bertinoro. It tells of Galla Placidia, emperor Theodosius's daughter, who was passing in this area and once she tasted the Albania, served in a modest terracotta goblet, she said: "Non di così rozzo calice sei degno, o vino, ma di berti in oro". (referred to wine she said that it was not worthy to be drunk in a terracotta glass but it had to be drunk in a golden glass, (berti-in-oro - drink-in-gold) It was thus that the name of the city was born.

The good cuisine of Romagna, the hand-made pasta (made by the so called "sfoglina", an old woman who use to make pasta by hands), the fragrant and warm "piadina", the smell of a cuisine who tell us about our earth and its history.

The hotel has not a own restaurant but we can offer you several suggested restaurants of this area:

* The list is sorted by distance and is based on feedback received from our guests.