Fratta Terme Thermal Bath

in front of the Hotel

Fratta Terme is rich of natural resources: from 11 thermal sources, seven different kind of waters come along the Rio Salso torrent. This great variety is the characteristic that make this thermal bath the only one in Italy.

The water gushing out from the ancient sources of Fratta Terme are rich of minerals and hypo thermal: they are known as Sodium-chloride, Sodium-chloride bromide and iodide, Sulphurous, Sulphurous saline, Chalybeate, Magnesium and Arsenic. These waters have different therapeutic properties and are the basis of every thermal treatment of the Thermal Bath. Together with a modern Beauty Farm, the wellness centre makes Fratta Terme the perfect place to regenerate.

The Thermal Bath is exactly in front of the hotel, and besides the Beauty Farm, it has a big park of 13 hectares. The Thermal Bath offers a so called "Percorso Armonie Naturali - Natural Harmony Route" which includes Thermal Pools, Turkish and Roman bath and Finnish sauna.

To your disposal there are as well: mud bath therapy ward, motor rehabilitation and inhalation and vascular treatments.

Fratta Terme Thermal Bath has an arrangement with the National Health Service.